Antidepressants' Interactions and Side Effects

In brief: Antidepressants with a hangover will not help: they are slower, and even incompatible with alcohol. Therefore, if you are already taking antidepressants - then alcohol will have to be abandoned for a while.


Whether Antidepressants And Alcohol Are Compatible

If you already have depression (not from a hangover, but because of your health condition), if the doctor has prescribed a course of Venlafaxine, then until the end of the course of treatment, alcohol is banned for you. Almost all antidepressants are categorically incompatible with alcohol. Open the instructions for using Sertraline and read the list of dangerous side effects - in the presence of alcohol, the possibility of the appearance of these pills increases several times.

It is permissible to drink alcohol in drooping doses (a glass of vodka or cognac once a week) only during the intake of antidepressants based on ademetionine and St. John's wort. Read in a separate article a detailed explanation of why, against the background of taking other antidepressants, alcohol can not be drunk at all.

Whether Antidepressants Help Or Assist At A Hangover

We do not recommend treating with a hangover with specialized medications for depression. First, with a hangover in the blood there is still alcohol, and Duloxetine with alcohol are incompatible. Secondly, the effect of antidepressants usually unfolds slowly (weeks), they are prescribed for six months or a year. Thus, even if you have a "Prozac" tablet at home, this is not a reason to drink it with a hangover.

Can Alcohol Help With Depression?

It turns out that moderate consumption of alcohol in itself is Mirtazapine. In 2013, a study was completed in Spain, in which 5,500 volunteers participated. The results showed that eating 5 to 15 grams of pure alcohol a day reduces the risk of depression. The best indicators were those who drank wine in the amount of 2 to 7 glasses (150 ml) per week.

However, those who drank more than indicated, the risk of developing depression was, on the contrary, much higher than that of teetotalers.

To reduce anxiety and irritability, you can take one of the mildly acting plant sedatives: valerian (in any form), motherwort (in any form), soothing herbal collections from the pharmacy. A wider list of soothing, which toxicologists recommend for a hangover. Reassuring for a hangover is forbidden - you can not tolerate hangover insomnia at all.